What People are Saying

An ongoing series of informational entries

Ariel Baker

March 10th, 2018

I have been blessed by being an artist my entire life.  Both sides of my family...generations...artists. Everybody is, at their core.  Whether life circumstances or family differences kept them from letting that out or not, we are a creative people.  If I am writing a book or acting for TV/film, it is on a mass level.  But THIS  healing art  allows me to harness all that mass energy, and focus, raw, at times. on one individual! Together there is isolation in the cause of stagnation.  We honor the reason it existed...to get You, to alter your choices! Then You can be Who (in your heart, mind, body, spirit), You always wanted to be (and sometimes did not even know).

Zero negative judgment. Only Love.  Who You Are.

In Addition to my expertise, we have other Master's!Francis Scheuer and Carrie Anne Carney are also available upon request.

Darren Marc

Author, Musician, Fellow Reiki Healer


"Ariel is a great Reiki Healer.  I had a session with her and really enjoyed it.  I left feeling more peaceful, more calm, and more connected to my true-self.  Thanks Ariel!"

Hilda G.

Sarasota, FL
"Ariel has an amazing soothing energy that heals and makes your inner child smile.  I highly recommend her."