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 Certified Reiki Master...Ariel

Ariel has two college degrees: One from Florida School of The Arts (Acting) and One from Florida State University (Mass Media Studies).

Not long after college, Ariel was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition.  She refused to accept this.  You will too (if you haven't already), once you recognize the expansive beauty of the Universe!  After changing her diet, job, work out routine, medical ventures, and moving to the other coast, tested negative for the disease.  Ariel continued beyond acupuncture, macrobiotics, and vibrational liquids, to Reiki. Her efforts were to increase living up to her's and assiting other's full potential.   During this time, she enjoyed a successful career in Hollywood as an actress, comedian, songwriter, film and TV writer, casting director, and coach for other actors  ( ).  She met an assistant, whom after marriage, soon became a  high powered music agent.  And life was great (for a moment).  She was called to leave her husband and travel to multiple places increasing her knowledge in the spirit of healing and purpose.  During that time she studied, Native American Healing Arts and Kabbalahism (just to name a couple).  For close to fifteen years, Ariel has been practicing Reiki (a no touch energy healing), and other energy healing measures that continue to impact thousands of people for the better as they better her.

Her mother who was a healer of headaches and hiccups, taught Ariel as a child these two unfailing reliefs.  "My mother gave me a strong base for nutrition, holistic healing, and weirdness."

Ariel is currently located in Sarasota where she specializes in showing people freedom in their highest authentic selves.

"There is so much more to this life than killing each other and giving birth to babies.  It is a draining unnecessary cycle. Once you get the fantastic, You do not want to go back to uncertainty."  A.B.